Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Location for Tour de Flex

Tour de Flex is now hosted at the Apache Software Foundation website. You can find it here:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flexicious Updates their Dashboard Component

Flexicious, the company behind the Flexicious Classic/Advanced, Spark and Ultimate DataGrid, as well as the Flexicious Dashboard Framework has released a major update across a number of their products.

For the Dashboard, they have added a full-fledged, Spark Based, Completely Skinnable, and extremely light weight Charting Framework, with 3d Bar, 3d Column, 3d Pie Charts, Line/Area/Multi/Bubble/Plot/HLOC/CandleStick charts, Pyramids, Funnels, Zoom/Slider Charts, and a lot more!

Additionally, they have released a version of their Ultimate DataGrid as well as the Dashboard with support for mobile/AIR.

Finally, they have released a number of enhancements to the grid products, specifically Ultimate – full row edit, column header menu operations, much better tabbing support, completely redesigned column group rendering, native excel (xls) export in addition to usual list of enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KeepCore updates its KC-Calendar to v1.8 and brings multiple calendar display and sync

Now with V1.8 you can display multiple calendar components and synchronize it for complex displays...

* Control the scroll in day/week view (possible to synchronize scroll between 2 components - verticalScrollPositionWeekDayView property)
* Scroll to a given hour in day/week view (scrollToHour method)
* Less memory usage (useless NoDisplayedItemsPopup removed)
* KCDateFieldNew: handle CTRL+click on selected date (KCMiniCalendar) to set the date to null
* New parameter onlyVisibleArea in printCurrentView method to only print the visible area (new onlyVisibleArea in printCurrentView method)
* Add "lassoSelection" event upon lasso selection

+ some bug fixes.

KC-Calendar is an AS3-MXML component to display events and schedule. It allows user to interact with events like an agenda. It provides all the functionalities you can expect from a full calendar or agenda to include in your Rich Internet Application.

KeepCore updates its Mobile KC-Calendar

The 2.0 Mobile KC Calendar comes with full drag and drop !
+ Miscellaneous enhancement & bug fixes :
- Enhancement #249: allows the possibility to scroll the day/week view to the first or last visible item
- Fix #251: allows for swipe navigation while doing a range selection on day headers in week view

The Mobile KC-Calendar component has been designed for Flex mobile development of calendar applications. It has been optimized to be used on iOS & Android platforms with the Flex SDK 4.6.

Contact :

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kap IT has new and updated demos!

Kap IT has enhanced existing demos and added new ones including:

Organization Chart

LOCATION: Data Visualization > Kap IT Labfa

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component v1.6 released!

Flexmonster team is proud to announce the release of version 1.6 (Summer’12) of the Pivot Table. Please see general changes in the new version:

- Component initialization is 4X faster compared to 1.5;
- Optimized Javascript API and Flex API with updated reference manual;
- Updated Demo Gallery on website with Javascript and Flex API samples, including code samples!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

KC-Calendar 1.7 now available: fully customizable flex calendar component

The KC-Calendar by KeepCore is an AS3-MXML component to display events and schedules. It allows users to interact with events. It provides all of the functionality you can expect from a full calendar or agenda to include in your Rich Internet Application project. As a developer, you can easily configure and fully customize its behavior and styles.

KC-Calendar has been updated to version 1.7 and includes several usability enhancements like drag-and-drop of all-day events, drag-and-drop of normal events to all-day events and more.

Features list:

·     Full customization possibilities: every calendar part (day cells, day headers, day bar, month cells, week bar, hour grid, items, column headers) uses renderers that could be customized.
·     Multiple views: day, week, month & year with AllDay events dedicated zone for events across multiple days
·     Multiple event drag & drop support in week & day views
·     Supports SDK 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 4.1, 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.6

User interaction:
o    Item drag & drop : now also drag all-day events in day zone or day zone events in all-day zone
o    Item resize
o    Item selection & item multi-selection
o    Item click
o    Item double-click
o    Item roll over & roll out
o    Cell click
o    Cell double click
o    Navigation:
§  View change
§  Date selection
·     Event concurrency management
·     Concurrency support in column mode
·     Flexibility: no object type is imposed, total freedom is given to developers

High level of rendering customizations:
o    Default renderer configuration (resource icon, title, additional image, corner radius…)
o    Custom item renderer
o    Custom year renderer
o    Background colors, font styles & colors…
o    Custom event tooltip
·     Column mode
·     Stack mode
·     Column & stack mode combination
·     Customizable transitions between views and during navigation to previous & next time range
·     High display performances

Localization support:
o    Embedded English & French translations
o    Ease to add new languages
o    Deep level of date & hours customization
·     Week start day setting
·     Day start & end hour setting
·     All day events specific zone with max number of events setting
·     Mouse selection highlight display + selection tooltip
·     Hidden days
·     Invalid ranges display (can be different for each column in column mode)
·     Highlight ranges display (can be different for each column in column mode)
·     Range selection support
·     Lasso selection support (with CTRL key and mouse)
·     Data load & save in shared objects
·     View alpha is customizable
·     ItemSameDatesCompareFunction to manage same dates item order
·     Renderers support IFactory pattern
·     Use all width in day & week when there is no displayed scrollbar
·     Full Native AIR Drag & Drop
·     Embedded AsDoc

Using KeepCore Flex components, software editors and developers save development time and get right out of the box a huge number of features brought by several years of high-quality components development: 

- And more to come: you can register on to stay tuned and get discounts.